Support centre

We're a tiny team, striving to provide a free and rewarding experience to thoushands of people every day.

If you have a question, please take a minute to review the FAQ bellow.

I need a code for X, bro

Try searching the site for the code you need. We currently have coupons and invites for 1,000+ sites and the list is growing daily. If you can't find it, try asking in the Facebook group.

Do I need a google-account to sign up?

Yes. We know it's not ideal, but signin-in with a google account help us keep the community fair and spam-free. If you'd like to use a non-gmail email address for you account, you can register that email as a new google account and them use it to sign up here.

Can I change my @username?

You can only set it once. Choose wisely.

How can I post a code for X?

Search the site for this product; chances are your referral program is already listed on the site. One the product page you'll have the option to add your code.

How can I add a referral program that isn't listed

You can post your code and submit a new page for that referral program here. Every contributions are reviwed manually so please allow some time for your content to become visible. Quality contributions (and contributors) are reviewed in priority. Submiting new programs let you climb the contributor leaderboard and gives you lifetime extra visibility for that product.

Why are my codes not showing on the list.

First, make sure your code is valid. If you just posted it, it's almost guaranteed to show up on everyone list. As new members also share their code for that same product, chances your code appear on the lists slowly decrease.

How can I get more visibility on the platform?

There are many ways. Being an helpful & active community member will help you build a good following. Members who spread the world about Invitation will also get you more organic visibility. Reposting your codes put them back at the top of the list. To keep it fair for everyone and prevent abuses, members on the free plan can only repost 1 code per month. Premium members can repost their codes a bit more often, but there is no one can buy traffic. You're responsible to promote your own content. We're just providing you tools to help out a bit :)

How can I earn credits on the platform

When you're active on the platform and introduce friends to InvitationCodes, you can earn platform credits. The list of available and earned reward is in your profile.

How can I spend my rewarded credits?

You can purchase a discounted (or even get a free) premium plan. Premium status will give you access to more features and a bigger posting quota

Can withdrawal my platform credits?

No. Your credits can only be put toward premium plans. Many users promote micro-task websites that pays small rewards for completing small tasks like answering surveys, but Invitation isn't a micro-job website. It helps you discover new ways to earn online and gives you a page to promote your referral links. We hope our premium plans will ultimately drive much more value to you than the credits you amassed. But if you're trying to get some quick cash for tonight dinner, there are probably better ways than our reward program.

I found a code that doesn't work

You can use the report button on the code page. Community feedback helps us keep only fresh and valid codes on the lists.

I found a bug

Our developpers love bugs! Tell us about it please. It'd be great if you can include screenshots and some context about how you encountered the problem.

I'd love to have X feature

We have an ambitous roadmap and new features monthly. Please tell us how we could make this product more useful to you.

How can I know who (and how many people) uses my codes

Your performance (stats) page shows you detailled traffic reports for all your codes. When someone use one of your code, the referring company will send you an email confirming the referral. When you use another member's code, it's a nice gesture to shoot them a message to thank them. It will also help you reach out to the company if they aren't honouring the referral reward.

I submitted a new referral program and don't see my code.

We review all new submissions manually to make sure they're legit and valuable referral program to everyone. That new product might first appear on your profile before being listed on all public pages. Thanks for your patience and feel free to contact us if your product haven't been approved after a few days (it's a lot of work to keep up with everyone suggestions!).

How do I apply my credits to a pro plan?

When you're ready for an upgrade, you can upgrade your plan, then after we've reviewed and upgraded your account, we'll refund your credits to your credit card. You can also contact @support in advance, and we'll give you coupon to apply your credits at checkout.

Can I get a refund?

Sure thing! In the unlikely case you're not happy with your premium plan, we offer 30 days money-back guarantee.

How Do I delete my account?

Contact @support and if you'd like to remove your page and posts. This is a pretty permanent decision and you may not be able to reuse that email or make the same posts again. In all cases, we're here to help, just tell us about your situation.

Talk with a human

The best way to contact @support is to send us a message throught the platform. You can otherwise reach out to us by email, or FB messenger.